Welcome to the online home of the H-Team's Autoshine Department

Located adjacent to our Heritage Toyota sales showroom, on Shelburne Road in South Burlington, Autoshine offers a wide range of treatments from a basic exterior wash and dry to full interior and exterior detailing. Autoshine also offers paint and fabric treatments to help you keep your vehicle in showroom-new condition year-round.

Autoshine Detailing offers regular business hours from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. If you choose to drop your vehicle off with us during the day to complete a detailing, you may take advantage of our service shuttles to keep your day running smoothly. Need to schedule a detailing?

Our Services

Basic Detail

Hand wash/dry, vacuum, wash windows, clean & dress interior vinyl, wheel cleaning, and dress tires.

Exterior Detail

Hand wash/dry, hand wax, wheel cleaning, and dress tires.

Interior Detail

Hand wash/dry, vacuum, wash windows, clean & dress vinyl, shampoo carpets/seats/floor mats, clean door jambs, and vacuum trunk.

Full Detail

Hand wash/dry, hand wax, wash windows, clean & dress interior vinyl, wheel cleaning, dress tires, shampoo carpets/seats/floor mats, clean door jambs, and vacuum trunk.

Protect Your Investment

A clean car is more likely to maintain its value over time. Our reconditioning staff uses today’s most advanced automotive detailing technology to make your car, truck, van or SUV sparkle inside and out to help protect your investment.

In Vermont, keeping your vehicle in top shape is more than just keeping it clean. The extreme weather conditions of winter in the northeast combined with the salt and sand used on the roads can make keeping your vehicle clean and rust-free difficult. Our staff has the answer: rust-proofing and environmental protection treatments. For more information about rust-proofing and environmental protection packages, contact a member of our staff.

Environmental Protection

Environmental factors such as acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, road salt and even the sun’s own ultra-violet rays can make your new vehicle's finish look dull. The Auto Armor environmental protection package is applied to all exposed metal on your vehicle, giving your whole vehicle protection complete protection from the elements.

The exterior isn’t the only part of your vehicle that is exposed to the possibility of damage. Interior stains can age your vehicle quickly. Auto Armor protects your vinyl, leather or fabric interior from fading, discoloration, mold and mildew, as well as providing it with a barrier against every day food stains and most oil and water based stains. Protect your new vehicle with Auto Armor within the first 3,000 miles of ownership and keep it looking showroom clean. Contact a member of our staff to schedule an appointment today.

Paint & Rust Protection

Protect your vehicle’s exterior finish with corrosion inhibitors and Teflon fluorocarbon resins from Dupont. With this treatment, your vehicle receives a 7-year warranty against surface rust, rust perforation, and paint fading, chalking or loss of gloss from every day environmental factors like acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and road salt.

Rhino Linings Bedliners

Heritage Autoshine is now an officially authorized Rhino Linings installer. Rhino Linings provides the highest level of corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance for your truck bed, truck grille guards, bumpers and truck rocker panels. Click here to learn more about Rhino Linings, see an installation and to schedule yours.

Fabric Protection

Treat your interior fabrics with Auto Armor’s Environmental Protection Package, and get the benefit of a 5-year warranty against oil- and weather-based stains. The warranty also covers fading and discoloration of leather and vinyl areas. Auto Armour Environmental Paint Protection prices vary by services selected and size of vehicle. Contact a member of our staff for pricing options.

About the H-Team Shuttle Service

Coverage Area: Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Shelburne, and Williston (To Taft's Corner)

Pick-up times:

  • Heritage Ford: 7:15am, 8:15am, 10:00am and 11:00am
  • Heritage Toyota-Scion: 7:25am, 8:25am, 10:10am and 11:10am

Final Drop off: Final Drop off time at the dealership is 5:30pm

Customer happiness is our number one goal, and part of that is punctuality. We will reunite you with your vehicle on time, not only repaired, but clean inside and out. Your vehicle will come back to you cleaner than you left it; it is our standard to wash and vacuum each vehicle we finish, as well as wipe down the door jambs and wash the windows.

Please speak with one of our sales reps for more information.