Heritage Ford looking to gather canned food for local charity

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A top-down photo of a fully-stocked Thanksgiving table

Heritage Ford food collection drive near South Burlington, VT

Everyone on the Heritage Ford team is very excited about taking part in a food collection drive near South Burlington, VT that will help fill up the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. Our efforts have already begun and we will continue taking donations of canned and other non-perishable, shelf-stable products through Nov. 17. In order to make things a little more interesting, we are competing against our colleges at Heritage Toyota. Both dealerships will be filling up the bed of a pickup truck – a Ford F-150 – to deliver the proceeds to the Chittenden facility.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ford Focus gets new drift brake, SEMA award

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What does the Ford Performance Drift Stick do?

Lately, when we’ve mentioned new and exciting additions to performance accessories customers can choose, they have almost exclusively been for the 2018 Ford Mustang. However, with the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association show underway in Las Vegas, the Ford Focus RS ‘hot hatch’ is getting some love. Not only has the high-performance model of the Focus platform taken home one of SEMA’s most coveted awards, but Ford also took the opportunity to show off its all-new Ford Performance Drift Stick. This innovative piece of equipment will make it easier for people to drift like, Ken Block, who also worked closely with the manufacturer to develop this new technology. Read the rest of this entry »

New Mustang tires offer new performance possibilities for 2018

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A red 2018 Ford Mustang GT featuring the new Performance Pack equipment

2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack

If we were going to describe the 2018 Ford Mustang in a single word, it would be performance. This especially rings true if you take the upcoming new GT version of the famous Ford sports car into account. When the 2018 Mustang debuted to the automotive world this winter, the Heritage Ford Blog let readers know about many of its newest changes including its new engine lineup and brand new exterior color option. Some more details have been released that will of special interested to potential buyers looking to get the most power possible from their car. The 2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack adds a whole new dimension to what the new Mustang will be capable of delivering. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be a mess, let the pros handle it

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Best restaurants for Thanksgiving 2017 near South Burlington, VT

Best restaurants for Thanksgiving 2017 near South Burlington, VT

Getting together with family and friends for Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition. It’s important for all of us to reflect and be appreciative for the good things in our lives. However, cooking for that many people can be troublesome at best. More and more people are opting to leave the cooking, serving and, especially cleanup, to the professionals. There are several restaurants in the area that are going to open for Thanksgiving this year. If you are considering taking this path, and need some ideas for the best restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner near South Burlington, VT, we have you covered. You will want to call ahead to confirm menu options and/or reservations. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t let its small size fool you, the 2018 EcoSport can hold its own

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2018 Ford EcoSport in blue traveling down the road how much cargo space does the 2018 EcoSport have?

How much cargo space does the 2018 Ford EcoSport have?

Crossover SUVs are the most popular class of vehicle currently for sale in today’s automotive marketplace; Ford’s crossover SUVs are routinely considered some of the best in the business. We have already introduced you to the 2018 Ford EcoSport, arriving at dealerships like Heritage Ford early next year. While new to the United States, Ford has actually been making the EcoSport for a while and seeing great success in a few foreign markets. The new subcompact crossover SUV will make a great choice for people looking for a very convenient mix of outstanding fuel economy, maneuverability and interior space. Let’s take a look at some new information released by the manufacturer of this cutting-edge vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »

Ford Super Duty adds new luxury trim to heavy duty lineup

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Release date for the 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited

Release Date for the 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited

Ford is well-established as the pickup truck leader in the United States. Over the last 30-plus years, Ford has all but revolutionized how the public has come to view performance, capability and efficiency within the pickup truck world. For the 2018 model year, Ford is changing the status quo once again. The automaker is introducing a new luxury-themed Limited trim to its Super Duty lineup of heavy-duty pickup trucks. Just because an owner has major capability needs, doesn’t mean they don’t want new top-of-the-line experience. In examining last year’s sales figures, Ford found that more than half of Super Duty sales came from top end Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum trims. The new Limited trim goes even further when it arrives to Heritage Ford in the near future. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s finally here! The 2018 F-150 is available at Heritage Ford

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Can I buy the 2018 Ford F-150 near me?

Is the 2018 Ford F-150 for sale near me?

There has been quite a bit of excitement surrounding the 2018 Ford F-150 and all of the changes it is bringing to Heritage Ford customers. Hardly a day goes by when our team doesn’t field several calls asking if the latest version of the best-selling pickup truck in North America has arrived. We can finally say that it indeed has arrived and it is in a great position to continue to dominate within its place in the automotive industry. For the new model year, the manufacturer has added a new, more efficient base powertrain and has introduced a new diesel engine to the F-150 lineup at Heritage Ford. Contact the dealership today if you’d like to schedule a test drive. Read the rest of this entry »

Ford continues work to lead autonomous vehicle efforts

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New Ford Autonomous driving warning lights

Ford autonomous vehicle warning lights

Autonomous vehicles are coming. Automotive manufacturers like Ford are working around the clock to make sure that this technology will blend seamlessly into the driving environment. That doesn’t just mean developing ways for these future cars, trucks and SUVs to communicate with one another – though that is important. Ford’s current challenge is to find out how to make sure the autonomous vehicles can convey its intentions to more unpredictable road users like pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers. In August, Ford and some researchers from Virginia Tech put on some serious miles testing one way to get everyone on the same page. Read the rest of this entry »

Ford possibly teases high-performance Ranger model for the future

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Is Ford making a Raptor version of the Ranger?

Is Ford making a Raptor version of the Ranger?

Some of Ford’s top competitors, like Chevrolet and Toyota, have been making some headway by offering midsize pickup trucks. Ford has already announced that it will be bringing the midsize Ford Ranger back to the United States. While it has disappeared as a new model from dealerships like Heritage Ford, the automaker was still seeing success in foreign markets. We know that the new U.S. version of the Ranger will be available during the 2019 model year, however, Ford still has some surprises for fans. Leading automotive news website, AutoBlog, got a tip that Ford was testing a Raptor version of the midsize pickup and they also indicate that there is a good chance it will also be coming to the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

Unlikely partners come together to make pizza delivery better

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Ford Domino’s pizza delivery partnership

Pizza is truly a wonder-food. It can be almost any flavor imaginable and better yet, it can often be delivered directly to your front door. Ford Motor Company and Domino’s Pizza may seem like odd partners. One is a world leader in everything automotive and the other delivers pizza. How could these two companies possibly work together? Well, Ford is making great strides in developing autonomous vehicles and Domino’s has continually revolutionized the food delivery game. The two companies are teaming up to develop the world’s first self-driving delivery vehicle. Obviously, taking the delivery driver out of the car presents some problems. Testing for the self-driving delivery vehicle is slated to begin shortly in Michigan. Read the rest of this entry »