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Heritage Automotive Continues to Create More Love Documentaries

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017
More Love Documentaries in Burlington, VT

At Heritage Ford we are proud to be known as a knowledgeable and professional Ford dealership. We love supplying quality vehicles to the residents of the Burlington, VT area. But we strive to be even more than that. It is important to us that we give back just as much support to our community and its members as they show to us. That is why for the past decade the Heritage Automotive Group, including Heritage Ford and Heritage Toyota, has worked hard to create short documentaries focused on spreading awareness to topics that matter to the people of Vermont. We call this program More Love. Keep reading to learn more about the More Love documentaries in Burlington, VT. (more…)

See the Heritage Ford Vermont Bucks Video Series!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
When does the Vermont Bucks play their first home game?

We’re big fans of the Vermont Bucks at Heritage Ford, so much so that we’re even the title and field sponsor of the Bucks! And we’re proud to say that when you go to see the Vermont Bucks play, it will be at the Heritage Ford Field. Take a look below to see the Vermont Bucks video series from Heritage Ford and more info on when the season starts! (more…)

Beard-growers, unite!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015


The month of September is officially ‘Septembeard’ at Heritage Ford and Toyota Scion. If you see a bunch off scruffy guys in the showrooms, or service  and parts departments, do not be alarmed; our staff has combined their beard-growing powers and started a team to contribute to Septembeard, an organization dedicated to eradicating prostate cancer, with the help of a little facial hair.

It’s simple: beginning on the last day of August (or the first day of September), our participating beard growers shave clean, and won’t shave again for the whole month of September (except to keep it tidy!). But growing an awesome beard is only half the battle – while the beard growers are busy…well, growing – our friends and family, our non-beard-growing co-workers and even you can sponsor our beards and donate some of your spare pocket change to the cause, and help end prostate cancer.

When you donate, you’ll have a choice of six world-renowned cancer clinics to donate money to, including, UCSF, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson and Northwestern University. All funds donated are given directly to the foundations, eliminating any additional fees, and putting your donations right into the hands of the cancer research world’s best and brightest, bringing them one step closer to curing prostate cancer.

To sponsor the H-Team Wolfpack, click here. And you can follow our Septembeard progress on Facebook, here.

Ready, Set, Grow!

H-Team Parts Connection

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

The H-Team Parts Connection fleet of nine trucks cover over 40,000 miles each month, delivering parts all over New Hampshire, Vermont and Upstate New York.


The H-Team Parts Connection not only delivers genuine Ford and Toyota parts for our Heritage dealerships, but also aftermarket parts and parts from other dealerships located along Route 7 in South Burlington and throughout Vermont. Our fleet travels to and from locations like Fort Covington, NY, Keene, NH, Bennington, VT, and Pittsburg, NH delivering parts to over 3,900 different locations.

If you’re looking for reliable parts delivery, look no further than the H-Team Parts Connection. If you’d like to contact our parts department, please call us at 802-865-8140.

Service Tips: Oil Change

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle in peak condition, maintain its long-term health, and help you get the most out of your investment. One of the most important parts of regular maintenance is the oil change.

Why are regular oil changes important?

Oil is one of the most important, but underappreciated components of your vehicle’s overall health. Your vehicle’s engine has hundreds of constantly moving parts, many of which are rubbing against one another causing extreme heat. As the oil travels through your engine, it cools and lubricates these parts, helping your engine run at maximum efficiency.

Having a regular oil change schedule is important because of the constant temperature fluctuations your engine faces everyday. As your oil ages it allows dust and debris to make their way into your engine and contaminate your oil, making it less effective.

How often should I change my oil?

Most manufacturers recommend that you get an oil change every 5,000 miles; but many newer model vehicles come with advanced synthetic oil that can last up to 10,000 miles between changes. Check your owner’s manual to find out more about your recommended maintenance schedule.

New England’s wide range of temperatures throughout the year also put added strain on both your engine and your oil. Even in warm weather, during a short commute your engine may not warm up all the way, which can affect the life of your oil in the long term.

Need to know if your oil needs changing? Get a lesson on checking your engine fluids from the H-Team:

Rhino Lining Available at Autoshine

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Rhino Linings are now available for installation at Heritage Autoshine. Call 802-865-8185 or click here to schedule or learn more.  Rhino Linings are the premiere spray-on bed liners. From trucks to gas tanks, to benches and golf carts, we can apply a durable Rhino Lining to nearly anything.

How To Maximize A Vehicles Trade-In Value

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
Heritage Ford South Burlington VT

One of the most mystifying portions of the car buying process for customers is when a salesperson puts together a vehicles trade-in value. Most customers are left wondering “How did they get that number?” It doesn’t have to be such a mystery.

The first and most important thing to know is that your vehicle isn’t inspected by a mechanic; it’s evaluated by a sales manager. They base their trade offer on the car’s feel as it drives, engine sound, and visible condition. You can do a lot to change a vehicles trade-in value before you visit a dealership that will make the process smoother, and potentially get you more money for your trade:

  1. Clean your car – Dirt caked on the exterior could be hiding body or paint damage. The appraiser can’t clean it, so they’re going to assume the worst case scenario and deduct $300-$500 to cover any “surprises”.
  2. Fix windshield cracks and chips – Most insurance plans cover this at no cost to you, but it costs a dealer upwards of $600 to fix, and they dock that from your trade offer.
  3. Know your car’s mechanical issues and their severity – A rattle or check engine light could mean a multitude of things. A dealer will protect their interests, which could mean deducting anywhere from $300 – $1000, unless you can tell them what the rattle or light really is. Then they only dock the cost of that specific repair.
  4. Bring everything – Bring your spare keys, extra sets of tires and a Carfax Report, if you have them. The more information the appraiser has the less they have to guess. Additional items, like an extra set of usable tires, also raise the resale value.
  5. Supply and demand – Use the laws of supply and demand to your advantage by trading a 4 wheel drive vehicle during the fall and winter, or a front wheel drive, 4-cylinder vehicle during the spring and summer
  6. Don’t withhold information – Hold your trade to the same expectations and honest evaluation you would when you shop for a car and you’ll walk out with the most money.

To hear more about the trade-in process check out this video with the H-Team’s used car manager, Ryan Denecker, and feel free to contact the H-Team with any questions on how to maximize your vehicles trade-in value

Preparing for the Heritage Ford Finance Office

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Happy Finance Friday!

Each week we will be posting a video about the Finance Department and the process of financing a  new or used vehicle. This week’s video is about how you, the customer, can prepare to head into the Finance Office. Following these tips will help us save time and make the process go smoothly. Happy Friday and Happy Financing!

No Money Down Leasing | All Big Print With Rusty Dewees

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

If you could drive a car for 2 or 3 years – essentially the length of the warranty – and then return it to the dealership and walk out with a brand new vehicle for the next 2 or 3 years, would you? Rusty Dewees stopped by Heritage Ford to explain leasing and why Heritage Ford is THE home of the real ZERO DOWN lease. No hidden fees, no first month and last month due, no registration fee due at signing – ZERO MONEY DOWN.
Pick out your next ZERO DOWN lease here

Ford Sustainability

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Us Vermonters can brag about Burlington being the first US city to be powered by 100% renewable energy, and how the Chittenden County Transit Authority (CCTA) provides an extensive statewide public busing system. These achievements do not directly affect those commuting from Colchester to Waterbury, or Montpelier. Many Vermonters need a car to commute in, and are not captivated by expensive ultra fuel efficient vehicles. But a car’s environmental impact is much more than its MPG’s and Ford Motor Company is a perfect example. Ford’s commitment to environmental sustainability earned them the number one spot on Interbrand’s list of Best Global Green Brands in 2014. They have improved the companies overall resource and energy use, and incorporated sustainable technologies in all of their models. The Focus and F-150 in particular have some exciting new features.

Ford Focus Electric Ford Sustainability

Ford sustainability is best illustrated by the Focus Electric, The manufacturer’s premier electric vehicle boasts the industry’s first ever interior made of 100% recycled materials. Many people are not ready to make the change to an electric vehicle; fortunately all of these interior features can be found in other models as well. Ford is the first company to incorporate recycled water bottles into their seat fabric in fact many models contain anywhere from 22 – 110 plastic bottles. Ford is also moving forward with a campaign to increase the dismal 29% recycling rate of plastic water bottles in the US.

2015 F-150 Ford Sustainability

Fuel efficiency is a main focus of all car companies. Ford engineers learned that reductions in weight do not improve fuel efficiency unless they are dramatic. The 2015 F-150 has had 700 pounds shaved off; a dramatic weight reduction that allowed engineers to decrease the size of powertrain while maintaining overall power. In fact this change in powertrain size, and body weight has increased the F-150’s power and decreased its stopping distance. The body is made of aluminum alloys which make the truck body more durable and less prone to denting. The Ford Motor Company has consistently shown their commitment to sustainability, and they have been awarded for doing so. Not only have they increased the fuel efficiency of their vehicles dramatically they have also increased the amount of green and recycled materials used in each car. Now when you drive your Ford you know that no matter what the model it was made by the number one global green brand.


“Sustainability is fully integrated into Fords overall business strategy. As such, the company is able to swiftly identify and address its impact on the environment and society across every aspect of its operations. Continuing to invest in alternative energy sources and fuel-savings tech – and educating consumers on its benefits will be key to enhancing its business and brand value over time.”

-Jez Frampton, Interbrand CEO