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How Many Plastic Bottles Are In The 2015 Ford F-150

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

       Here at Heritage we are very excited about the 2015 Ford F-150. It has gotten a major face lift, and been redesigned inside and out. Fords all new powerhouse of a truck is not only a utility vehicle, it also has a hint of hippie built into it. For 2015 F-150 is not only consuming less, but it’s also doing its part to recycle, especially to improve the 29% recycling rate for plastic bottles.

The production of the 2015 F-150 Ford is helping to recycle about 9 million plastic bottles. Initially it sounds a little ridiculous. Why would someone want more plastic in their truck? But it’s actually quite innovative. Ford has partnered the manufacturer Unifi, which takes recycled plastic, including used bottles, and turns turns them into thread. The material is called Repreve, and its also found in products made by The North Face, Quicksilver and other quality clothing brands.

Repreve thread is made from a new process that is ultra efficient, in fact the product is certified sustainable by the Unify U Trust Verification program. A process that monitors the transparency of production, and traceability of materials in a production line. It is this certification that aligns the Repreve product with Fords commitment to sustainable practices. Ford has been using Repreve thread in its cars since 2012, and is only expanding their inclusion of Repreve and other recycled materials in their vehicles.

Ford is a leader in sustainability in fact they were named the #1 Global Green Brand by Interbrand. They are currently the only automaker to use Repreve, and it can be found in five of their models. Fords commitment to sustainability has pushed them to research all sorts of sustainable products for their vehicles, which are approximately 90% recyclable at the end of their life; a number that the company is trying to grow. It makes sense that the worlds Greenest Global Brand has made drastic strides towards making America’s favorite truck of three decades more eco friendly.

Oh, and by the way there are anywhere from 63 – 110 plastic bottles in each 2015 Ford F-150.


Ford Sustainability

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Us Vermonters can brag about Burlington being the first US city to be powered by 100% renewable energy, and how the Chittenden County Transit Authority (CCTA) provides an extensive statewide public busing system. These achievements do not directly affect those commuting from Colchester to Waterbury, or Montpelier. Many Vermonters need a car to commute in, and are not captivated by expensive ultra fuel efficient vehicles. But a car’s environmental impact is much more than its MPG’s and Ford Motor Company is a perfect example. Ford’s commitment to environmental sustainability earned them the number one spot on Interbrand’s list of Best Global Green Brands in 2014. They have improved the companies overall resource and energy use, and incorporated sustainable technologies in all of their models. The Focus and F-150 in particular have some exciting new features.

Ford Focus Electric Ford Sustainability

Ford sustainability is best illustrated by the Focus Electric, The manufacturer’s premier electric vehicle boasts the industry’s first ever interior made of 100% recycled materials. Many people are not ready to make the change to an electric vehicle; fortunately all of these interior features can be found in other models as well. Ford is the first company to incorporate recycled water bottles into their seat fabric in fact many models contain anywhere from 22 – 110 plastic bottles. Ford is also moving forward with a campaign to increase the dismal 29% recycling rate of plastic water bottles in the US.

2015 F-150 Ford Sustainability

Fuel efficiency is a main focus of all car companies. Ford engineers learned that reductions in weight do not improve fuel efficiency unless they are dramatic. The 2015 F-150 has had 700 pounds shaved off; a dramatic weight reduction that allowed engineers to decrease the size of powertrain while maintaining overall power. In fact this change in powertrain size, and body weight has increased the F-150’s power and decreased its stopping distance. The body is made of aluminum alloys which make the truck body more durable and less prone to denting. The Ford Motor Company has consistently shown their commitment to sustainability, and they have been awarded for doing so. Not only have they increased the fuel efficiency of their vehicles dramatically they have also increased the amount of green and recycled materials used in each car. Now when you drive your Ford you know that no matter what the model it was made by the number one global green brand.


“Sustainability is fully integrated into Fords overall business strategy. As such, the company is able to swiftly identify and address its impact on the environment and society across every aspect of its operations. Continuing to invest in alternative energy sources and fuel-savings tech – and educating consumers on its benefits will be key to enhancing its business and brand value over time.”

-Jez Frampton, Interbrand CEO