What's more American than country music recording artist, Jamie Lee Thurston teaming up with Heritage Ford?

When it comes to enjoying the good things in life—and we mean the good things, Jamie Lee and his Heritage Ford F-150 make the perfect pair!

We're proud to team up with Jamie Lee Thurston. Keep on the lookout for all the cool ways we'll be showing up in the community together this year!


Jamie Lee Gets His New Ford F-150

Heritage Ford is proud to partner with National Recording Artist, Jamie Lee Thurston! Jamie Lee knows the real deal and knows that getting your new vehicle from Heritage Ford is as real as it gets!

Everyone gets excited when they get to pick up their brand new Ford F-150 from Heritage Ford! Can you guess what Jamie Lee's favorite part of the truck is? How long before he's got it covered in mud??



Coming Home with Jamie Lee Thurston

You've all seen Jamie Lee's party side—the one that knows how to entertain and doesn't know how to give anything less than one hundred percent! If you've ever had the chance to see him in concert, you know he rocks, he rolls, has a great time and makes sure that everyone else around him has the best time, too!

But what happens when Jamie Lee switched gears? Jamie Lee has long been a patron of the armed forces. His song and recording project, "Ghost in His Eyes" tells the story of what can happen to an individual in active combat.

We are pleased to partner with Jamie Lee for "Coming Home with Jamie Lee", a documentary series focused on telling the stories of the agencies and non-profits dedicated to providing resources to soldiers returning home from active duty. From PTSD to job training to earning purple hearts and more, the issues facing our veterans upon their return can be enormous. It is a complicated issue that doesn't just have one, neat and concise answer.

We're proud to work with Jamie Lee to highlight some of the real issues in our community. Follow our series as we explore what a community gives to its veterans, and what additional resources our community might need.


Jamie Lee Thurston

Music is not a hobby to Thurston. It’s the only thing. The act of performing music is how he enters and relates to the world. And when you watch him live, it’s as if you’re witnessing a red giant of a star form before you, drawing in all of the stardust and matter of the immediate universe to power its very being…even if only for a fraction of time.

Most musicians are great at one, maybe two parts of the musical quagmire, leaning in to those roles so far that the band and the creators and the pizazz surrounding them carry the rest. It is an admirable and well-orchestrated feat, to be sure, and one that’s been perfected for many decades of recorded music and live performance history. Music enthusiasts everywhere applaud their accomplishments, and love them all the same.

Thurston stands out as one of those rare performers that has achieved the next-to impossible: The Quadfecta.

He has perfected the multi-faceted roles of an entertainer, a vocalist, an instrumentalist, and a producer – an accomplishment unknown to most. And while he’s great at all four aspects at any given time, to see him achieve them all at once, live from the stage, is a truly monumental experience.